Report on the Purdue forum
Nov 4, 2010
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Many will readers will know that there was a discussion last night between Judith Curry, Andy Revkin, Pielke Jnr and a Elizabeth McNie, a professor of political science and earth and atmospheric sciences., which looks like it's a newspaper blog, carries a brief report on the proceedings. It sounds as though much good sense was talked. Curry has already posted her speech, but there was also Revkin saying this:

Science is all about what is and the what ifs ... not telling you what to do.

...and discussing the possibility of scientists spinning things to politicians. Pielke Jnr also had some eminently quotable words:

When you think about the CIA, much like scientists, they're experts," he said. "We wouldn't be very happy if the CIA used their influence to support what country we should invade next and began tilting their findings to support it."

This must have been pretty persuasive for any undecideds in the audience - which was apparently a sell-out. The article quotes one student as saying

"You never know what's going on behind closed doors," he said. "It shows that we all have to be more aware of who we get our information from."


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