Media reactions to Yamal
Sep 30, 2009
Bishop Hill in Climate

Media reaction to the Yamal story has been rather limited so far. I'm not sure whether this is because people are trying to digest what it means or whether it's "too hot to handle". Here's some of the stories I've come across:

James Delingpole (Daily Telegraph blog) How the global warming industry is based on one massive  lie.

Chris Horner (National Review online) Mann-made warming confirmed

Andrew Orlowski (The Register) Treemometers: a new scientific scandal.

Tom Fuller (San Francisco Examiner) New data questions claims of accelerated warming

None of the global warming supporters in the mainstream media have gone near it. The reaction of the Guardian - to delete any mention of the affair from their comment threads - has been extraordinary. Even bloggers from the other side of the argument won't go near it. The only exception seems to be the legendary Jo Abbess. James Delingpole is most definitely misguided.



Treemometers: A new scientific scandal

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