New face, same old story
Jan 14, 2009
Bishop Hill in BBC

Here's a name that's new to me at the BBC - Tanya Syed. In fact I can find almost nothing about Tanya on the web at all, apart from a couple of articles she'd already written for BBC News, so I guess it's fair to say she's the new girl. Trainee perhaps. Straight out of her media studies degree.

Welcome aboard Tanya.

Tanya has been diligent and has paid careful attention to her training course. In fact she catches on very quickly indeed. Today's contribution to the news effort is about a report issued by a political pressure group called the Worldwatch Institute (good girl Tanya, box ticked there), calling for drastic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions (tick). Our Tanya carefully omits to mention that they are a political pressure group of course (tick). And then she dutifully provides some balance by quoting a different opinion on the report (careful!).

Well...sort of different. It's by somebody different anyway. Yup, balance is provided by quoting another political pressure group called the Australian Conservation Foundation (tick! tick! tick!). They think the Worldwatch report is just great. (I think we knew that though.)

Tanya, you will go far.

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