Is the GISS temperature index fraudulent?
Jan 14, 2009
Bishop Hill in Climate

David Stockwell is an Australian statistical expert who has written a book covering, among other things, statistical tests for detecting datasets which have been manipulated in some way. He also has a blog called Niche Modelling which is well worth a visit.

His latest post outlines the results of running one of these fraud-busting tests on NASA GISS's global temperature index, and the results were rather interesting....

RESULT: Significant management detected.

David is quick to point out that he's in exploratory mode and hasn't actually drawn any conclusions yet, but this is definitely going to be one to watch.

Update on Jan 15, 2009 by Registered CommenterBishop Hill

Lubos Motls has picked up on Stockwell's story and taken it a bit further by running the test over the satellite data from UAH. No sign of any manipulation there.

What fun!

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