Lord Lightbulb - guilty as charged
Jan 11, 2009
Bishop Hill in Crime, Energy

The Times reports that Lord Barnett, a former Labour minister, is set to make a mint from an investment in a company that recycles the toxic lightbulbs we are soon to be forced to use.

A FORMER Labour cabinet minister is set make a fortune when the country switches to using low-energy light bulbs.

Lord Barnett, who was Treasury chief secretary two prime ministers during the 1970s, is a shareholder in Mercury Recycling Group, which is expected to see its value soar during the switch over from conventional lighting.

The Times seems to have asked the Ignoble Lord if he had used insider knowledge of the government's intentions to guide his investment decisions. "No" retorts his Lordliness, "I have never spoken in the House of Lords on an issue in which I have got an interest."

A case of denying something with which you were not charged, if ever I heard it.


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