That climate change seminar
Dec 27, 2008
Bishop Hill in BBC

Much of the interest over the whole Roger Harrabin/CEMP kerfuffle has centred on the ‘high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts' (as the BBC Trust put it) decided that global warming was settled science and that sceptical views could safely be ignored.

We now finally, after months of digging, have the first insider view of the seminar.  Richard D North, a critic of the BBC and apparently the lone sceptical voice on the seminar has emailed TonyN at Harmless Sky to tell us the real composition of the panel.

The BBC crew (senior executives from every branch of the corporation) were matched by an equal number of specialists, almost all (and maybe all) of whom could be said to have come from the “we must support Kyoto” school of climate change activists.

Oops! Read the whole thing here.

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