Dangerous ideas
Jan 9, 2008
Bishop Hill in Children

Donald Clark points out to a short video at the TED site which is well worth a look. Donald summarises the ideas behind the lecture from Gever Tulley entitled "Five dangerous things you should let your kids do":

  1. Play with fire – basic and necessary – intake, combustion and exhaust – a laboratory.
  2. Own a pocket knife – powerful and empowering tool – extended sense of self – keep it sharp, cut away from body, never force it.
  3. Throw a spear – our brains are wired to throw things – visual acuity, 3D understanding – analytical and physical skills.
  4. Deconstruct appliances – don’t throw out the dishwasher – take it apart first. Figure out what the parts do and how it works.
  5. Drive a car. Let them drive with you in control. Find a big empty space. Fun for the whole family!
Here's the video in full.
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