Apr 30, 2007
Bishop Hill in Corruption

Guido points us to the comments of LibDem peer Lord Oakshott who has discovered that one in ten Labour peers have jobs on quangos, but only one in 25 LibDems and one in 100 Conservatives. Lord O calls it "creeping corruption".

I don't know. Perhaps he's become desensitised to sleaze by spending all that time in Westminster. From where I stand it doesn't look as if it's creeping any longer.

At the same time as this story breaks, Dizzy reports that a PR company with a Labour insider on its board has received £1.5m of public money. We might also care to remember the story about Labour supporters being put into positions of power at the University of Dundee which I blogged on yesterday, not to mention cash for peerages.

No, the word is "rampant". 

Unfortunately it's only going to get worse, as Labour insiders line their pockets as far as they can before they are removed from power. 

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