Big questions
Apr 30, 2007
Bishop Hill in Climate: other

Climate change is a big question. No, make that a huge question. A multi-trillion dollar question. The biggest question of our times and probably of any other times too. We are being asked to make devastating changes to our economies and to the way we live. Lives will be disrupted and ruined,  but we are told that this we have to grit our teeth and deal with it. It's a necessary cost to bear in order to save the planet and a still worse fate.

This being the case, here are a couple of questions:

1. Shouldn't all the scientific research be replicated? I don't mean peer-reviewed - that's just a way of trying to cut out non-original work and any scientific "howlers". What I mean is take the raw data and turn it into the same results as were published in the original papers. This isn't done now because the climate scientists often don't archive their data, and don't release it when asked.

2. We should be able to see all the comments made by IPCC the reviewers of the IPCC reports so that the public can assess the firmness of the consensus. Complete agreement between 2500 scientists is simply not credible.

That's not too much to ask, is it? (Actually I'm sure it is).

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