Love your children
Mar 29, 2007
Bishop Hill in Bureaucrats

Every child at my elder son's nursery has received a leaflet from the Scottish Children's Commissioner or somesuch. This masterpiece of state-sponsored tosh is to be passed on to their parents. It's a remarkable document. Try this for example:

Love your children 

Who would have guessed it? I am now a new man and am now fully resolved to love my children. (I'm not sure about all that kissing though. Sounds most unhygienic). Or how about this:


Weapons are dangerous!

That puts paid to the baby's shotgun then. He will be disappointed.


The Scottish Children's Commissioner costs approximately £1 million every year. In their annual report we learn that some of this largesse has been lavished on:

development of the SCCYP website as a major interactive tool for communicating with children and young people.

And sure enough,  we find that the website has made it possible for small Scottish children to send poems and stories to their friendly neighbourhood bureaucrats. So far there have been two poems sent in, one called Fair Freedom and the other "Racist???". Unfortunately nobody has managed to send in any stories yet. Perhaps they're all busy on the discussion boards?

But there is no sign of Scottish schoolchildren flocking there either - the discussion board has now reached the sum total of eleven threads, on subjects as diverse as smacking and the minimum wage.

"Send in your suggestions", invites the SCCYP. Perhaps readers would like to oblige.

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